Unheard Voices O.T.C.J. 

Originally founded in 2017, UVOTCJ reorganized as a grassroots organization (2021) receiving our 501 C-3 non-profit status in 2023.

We are a non-profit organization for prisoner’s voices incarcerated in all states; we are a group that will allow the Unheard Voices of Men and Women incarcerated around the nation to be heard, as well as, children of incarcerated parents, and children who are affected in any way by our judicial system. Our goals include seeing the Men, Women, and Children are given the chance to overcome the odds, but first we must change the mindset of society, and the current systems failures in rehabilitation and prison reform. We must start by preventing the flow of criminals from entering the revolving doors of our nation's prisons, and for those that are inside the walls already, from becoming a greater monster due to our neglect. We must ensure that the children of incarcerated parents are not orphans, or abandoned because the justice system has removed that parent. We must ensure that the fathers and mothers incarcerated across our nation are allotted a chance to still be in the lives of their children. We are reaching out to help children who have parents incarcerated. We will provide a voice for judicial injustices, a voice for prison injustices, and a voice for the incarcerated parent to their children, and a voice to children within the school to prison pipeline.

Images from Behind the Walls

Photos shared to UVOTCJ by those impacted by incarceration within America and primarily ADOC. Please note, these pictures will be updated on a periodic basis. 

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