The Robert George Project

Robert George Project

Founded in 2022, the Robert George Project was originally called the UVOTCJ Restorative Justice Project. This project focuses on individual cases that include excessive sentences, medical issues, parole denial, and elderly incarcerated individuals. 

To be considered for this project, please send us an email.  Include the name of the individual, where they are incarcerated, their date of incarceration and EOS date (if known), AIS, as well as any other pertinent information. 

 Please use the form below to contact us regarding this project.

Mr. Robert George

After three decades behind bars, Mr. Robert George, an 85-year-old with COPD, diabetes, and high blood pressure, has finally returned to the outside world to live with family. With only a rocking chair crafted by fellow incarcerated men awaiting him, he faced immense challenges but he has risen to the occasion spending time with friends and family. 

Your donations help to provide and cover the legal costs related to this project and to provide support to those as they are released.  This includes essentials like clothing, cover medical expenses, and ensure access to transportation.  Additionally, your generosity can aid in clearing court costs, restitution, and monthly parole fees. By contributing through reputable 501c3 organizations like the Woods Foundation or Unheard Voices of the Concrete Jungle, you can help others rebuild their life with dignity and hope. Every dollar makes a difference in this journey towards forgiveness and freedom.

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